Licensed Professional Interpreting and Translations in Italian, English and German
Court Certified and Insured Interpreter and Translator.
Italian, English and German interpretation and translation for many industries from fashion and manufacturing to engraving and fine art
Providing a complete offering of services for Personal or Business internationally
Complete confidentiality
High technical quality
Offices in New York and Brescia, Italy
Professional Translations
Court certified legal translations for business and litigation
Books, manuscripts, contracts, articles
Catalogues, brochures, websites, email newsletters and other marketing/advertising material
Daily correspondence such as faxes, e-mails, letters, orders, etc.
Professional editing, technical writing, marketing word-smithing
Court certified legal translations for business and litigation
Business meetings, contract negotiations, trade show arrangements and staffing
Telephone and video conferencing
Legal court activities such as trials and depositions
Plant tours
Personal tours and meetings for special clients
Business research
Investigating business opportunities for products or services
Market research pricing, quantities, distribution etc.
Identification of companies and organizations in Italy, USA, Great Britain and Germany with contact details
Advertising research
  Special first class tours are organized for individuals and groups to visit the fine gunmaking, wine and lake region of northern Italy. The Lombardy area, with its pre-alps vistas, lakes (Garda, Como and Iseo) and Francia Corta wines, is also home of some of the best dining in Italy